Hello girls !

If you want to join the lesbian community of Brussels, for an evening or for longer, you're on the right page. You'll find here the information you need in order to meet people. Women in Brussels are welcoming and like to meet people from everywhere. Most of them speak English and you'll have the possibility to discover the real belgian way of life.

This blog is written mainly in french BUT in the "agenda" page, it's easy to read : date, hour, name of the activity/party and place. Then there are additional informations : free or not ("gratuit" ou "entrée payante") with price when known, for women only ("femmes uniquement"), mainly ("femmes essentiellement") or for everybody ("ouvert à touTEs"), ...

You can also go on a sister blog which entirely written in English : http://brusselsforlesbians.blogspot.be/ where you'll find plenty of information about the lesbian cultural- an night-life !

I try to write it in english too, but this blog is a voluntary work and I sometimes don't have enough time - sorry for that.

If you want to meet a group of english speaking women in Brussels, join EGOW (http://egow.org/). They are very nice and you'll feel very fast comfortable with all these nice women who organise lot of activities. Check their website for more information.

Don't hesitate to contact me (lesbibru@gmail.com) if you need more information or if something is not clear enough.

Enjoy Brussels !